Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our little boy sent from our beautiful angel SKYLA

Hi everyone, well i had my 18wk Morph scan today and everything is fantastic. They got a good look at his heart and all looks good. The sub chorionic hemorrhage that i had seems to have disappeared which is a big relief. They checked to see if he had 2 collarbones, i know that sounds weird but Skyla only had 1. Well he has 2. And no CDH!!! I am so happy. They also did some 3D pics of our little guy today. I ended up taking a photo of them with my phone. I am only 18wks 5days but the 3D pics turned out pretty good considering how early i am. There is two pictures of his face and an awsome one of him kneeling. It looks really cool, oh and a picture just to prove he really is a boy. LOL. They also cancelled the fetal echo that was planned for tuesday 16th Dec and made an appointment for Jan 20th, i will be 24wks by then so the cardiologist should be able to get a good look then but as far as they were concerned today, everything is perfect. Yay.

The closer it is getting to christmas the harder it seems to be getting. I am really missing my baby girl so much. Next Monday is my birthday too. Last year i had my little girl here with me and she was doing so well. We were at the ward and she wasnt even on any oxygen. We were thinking we were going home. God how i miss her so much. We love you Skyla. Thankyou for looking out for your little brother. I cant Wait til he is older so i can tell him all about his beautiful big sister SKYLA. What a brave girl you were and how strong you were. He will be so proud. We all are. Miss you bubba and we love you so much. Keep looking out for us up there. Cant wait til i see you again. Love mummy. xoxo


Fer said...

I'm glad you are ok and the scan looked good. I always keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Fer (mom to Juan Pablo RCDH) and Mexican CHERUBS Rep.

Margaret said...

Hey, why don't you show what you look like?

Margaret said...

Hey, why don't you show what you look like carrying him?