Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our little boy sent from our beautiful angel SKYLA

Hi everyone, well i had my 18wk Morph scan today and everything is fantastic. They got a good look at his heart and all looks good. The sub chorionic hemorrhage that i had seems to have disappeared which is a big relief. They checked to see if he had 2 collarbones, i know that sounds weird but Skyla only had 1. Well he has 2. And no CDH!!! I am so happy. They also did some 3D pics of our little guy today. I ended up taking a photo of them with my phone. I am only 18wks 5days but the 3D pics turned out pretty good considering how early i am. There is two pictures of his face and an awsome one of him kneeling. It looks really cool, oh and a picture just to prove he really is a boy. LOL. They also cancelled the fetal echo that was planned for tuesday 16th Dec and made an appointment for Jan 20th, i will be 24wks by then so the cardiologist should be able to get a good look then but as far as they were concerned today, everything is perfect. Yay.

The closer it is getting to christmas the harder it seems to be getting. I am really missing my baby girl so much. Next Monday is my birthday too. Last year i had my little girl here with me and she was doing so well. We were at the ward and she wasnt even on any oxygen. We were thinking we were going home. God how i miss her so much. We love you Skyla. Thankyou for looking out for your little brother. I cant Wait til he is older so i can tell him all about his beautiful big sister SKYLA. What a brave girl you were and how strong you were. He will be so proud. We all are. Miss you bubba and we love you so much. Keep looking out for us up there. Cant wait til i see you again. Love mummy. xoxo

Back at the Hospital

27TH November- A Big Day
Today was a really big day for us, and a hard one at that. We met with Skyla's Dr and social worker at 1pm to get her autopsy report. It was still Pulmonary Hypotension episode which caused her to arrest. Although they didnt find a syndrome or genetic problem they still think she did have one but just couldnt put a name to it.
Now onto our news. We are having a BABY!!!!! And a healthy one at that. We had a scan today. I am 16wks 5days. I am due May 9th which is one day before Mothers Day. The stomach and everything is exactly where it should be. Yay no CDH. I am so happy. They still have to check the heart out in more detail but so far everything looks great. Now onto the sex, GIRL or BOY. I asked them and they are 90% sure we are having a BOY!!!!!!!!!! Now all we have to do is come up with a name for our little man. I told Blake today that he is getting a little brother. He was happy but i know he really wanted a sister. The first thing he asked me was "Is he Healthy". Thats all we want. Then he gave me the biggest kiss and cuddle. I knew the baby had to be healthy especially with a big sister in heaven watching over us all. Thanks Skyla, we love you and miss you so much bubba. Thankyou for sending mummy, daddy and Blake a healthy bubby. We love you.God how i wish our little girl was still here to make our family complete. As the days pass, it doesnt get any easier. I miss her so much. Having a new bubby on the way is never gonna replace our little girl. I hope it does help to ease our pain a little.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Guard of Honour at Opening Ceremony Of Rugby League World Cup

Just a quick note, i will update soon as to what has been going on over the last few weeks but i have some exciting news about Blake. Tonight is the opening ceremony of the Rugby League World Cup and Blake's rugby league team has been chosen to be in the Guard of Honour for the Australia verse New Zealand game. We are so excited. What an honour. I will try to take lots of photos and update whan i can. Dont know if they will show him on the TV but he will be wearing his Hurstville United clothes which are blue and white. Photos to come. Keep a look out for him.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blake At District Athletics Carnival 100mtr sprint

This is Blake racing in the 100mtr sprint today. He came about 5th i think. He is closest to the top of screen. He did pretty well. I think he would run quicker though if he stops lookin at his shadow. HEHE. Even when he plays rugby league and makes a break he is too busy watching his shadow. After his race was over we hung around for a bit then headed home. It was a good day though. We had nice weather which was good. It was meant to rain, lucky it didnt.

Fathers Day

Yesterday was a very hard day for Skyla's daddy Joe. Yesterday was Fathers Day. He had been dreading this day for weeks. Fathers Day is the only special occasion that our sweet baby girl missed out on. She was here for all our birthdays, xmas, Easter and mothers Day. We got up in the morning and plodded round the house like we always do on Sundays. Every Sunday we all go and visit our special Angel. We always head off round lunch time. We stop off at the shops on the way and get flowers. We always get two lots. One from mummy and one from daddy. I try get in first to pick the prettiest ones. Hehe. Then we head out to the cemetry. Its only about 30min away so its not too far. We normally stay anywhere from 3omin to a few hours. I always get upset when we go there. Its still so hard. This weekend nanny and poppy got you a butterfly windmill and some flowers. I loved the windmill. I found a poem on the net and got some photos of Joe and Skyla and put them altogether in a frame for him. He liked it. The poem and some of the pics are on Skylas blog. I put them up the other day. Other than that we havent really been doing much. Im trying to get a job. Having no luck what so ever. Joe had to get needles today for his job cause where he is working. And Blake is just going to school. He made the school cricket team. That was really good.
We miss you our sweet baby girl. Not a day goes bye that we dont think about you. What i would do to have you hear again. We all miss you so so much Skyla. We love you hunny.
Love always and forever
Mummy, Daddy, and Blake. xoxoxox

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Heaven gets another Angel

William Ethan Morgan 19/08/08 - 20/08/08
I am deeply saddened this morning as i woke to an update that baby William Ethan Morgan had lost his fight against CDH. Please pray for his beautiful family as they grieve for their precious son. It brought back so many memories of the day my beautiful girl SKYLA became an angel too. We really need to find a cure for CDH. CDH is devastating. We have lost too many babies in the last three months. Skyla, Seth, Daniel and now little William. We have lost too many over the years. Life is just not fair. Please also pray for baby girl, Elliott Arcile Reed . She too was born on 19/08/08 and is begining her fight against CDH.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sex and the City party

This weekend one of our friends decided to have a sex and the city party. It was a fun day and night. It started 1pm Saturday. Our friend Pinky really went out of her way for us to have a great day. We started off drinking Cosmopolitans. They were so yummy. She even had a cocktail fountain. She also had cupcakes professionally made with shoes on them. For dessert we had a beautiful ice cream cake made out to be a hand bag. It was delicious. She bought shoes made out of chocolate with little chocolates in them. It was all too good to eat but we couldn't help ourselves. We really had fun. We had episodes of sex and the city running on TV whilst listening to some really good music. We then decided to head off to the RSL Club for some Karaoke. My friend Jenni and I were the only ones from our group to sing. It was so embarrassing. But at least i got up. I was pretty drunk by this time. Shed a few tears that night. One of Skyla's songs i played at her funeral came on. I miss her so much. Its still really hard. After the RSL we headed back to our local Pub. Spent the rest of the night there. We got home at 3am. I was surprised i lasted that long. Mind you, i wasnt drinking the whole night. Spent the last few hours on the waters. Hehehe.
My friend Jenni, who i was with this night has a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Matilda. She was born only two days before Skyla. Jen is one of my best mates and we spend alot of time together. We were pregnant together and had plans that our beautiful little girls would grow up to be best mates. Well that was our plan anyways. I thought it would be really hard being around Matilda, don't get me wrong, it is hard. I cry all the time but i find it easier being around Matilda than being around other babies. At least i can watch Matilda grow into a beautiful lady and see Skyla through Matilda's eyes. Matilda is the sweetest little girl with the most gorgeous blue eyes. She looks just like her daddy. Sorry Jen, but you didn't get a look in. I have added a video of Matilda and Skyla, their last playdate together.It was taken on the 20th May 2008. 25 days before we lost our beautiful girl. Skyla had so much fun that day. So did Matilda. Im just so glad they got to meet each other.